International Latin American Clostridioides difficile Symposium

October 04 - 06th , 2021

III International
Latin American

difficile Symposium


Dear colleagues and friends,

Hello and welcome to the III International Latin American Clostridioides difficile Symposium (ILACDS) that this year
will be virtual and hosted by the Institute of Microbiology Paulo de Góes at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
(UFRJ), Brazil. This meeting is primarily intended to facilitate the integration of researchers, physicians,
microbiologists and students from postgraduate programs, institutes/centers, and Universities to discuss about
epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment regarding C. difficile infection. As a result, the goal is to foster
a scientific environment conducive to the formation and consolidation of partnerships and intra and inter-institutional
collaborations; centered on the investigation of the pathogenesis, detection, prevention, and treatment of disease
caused by this pathogen, the incidence and severity of which is increasing globally.

Even though C. difficile infection is understudied in Brazil and Latin American countries, research is being conducted in
a few regions and countries. This symposium aims to provide a forum for debate and discussion on this critical public
health topic, focusing on the importance of early detection, appropriate treatment, hospital infection control and food
contamination, particularly in the Brazilian States and Latin American Region.

The event includes experimental high-level research, molecular and genetic bases, as well as clinical and
epidemiological studies. It is also expected to inspire young researchers to pursue translational research in the field of
gastrointestinal tract infection, which is common in developing countries. Finally, we plan to widely disseminate
research findings to the general public through interviews and journal articles, with an emphasis on encouraging
preventive measures. This symposium aims to broaden ongoing interactions and relevant results, which justify
holding the event biannually. Under the exceptional circumstances, this year the ILACDS will be remote, but I am sure
that the next one in 2023 we are all going to attend in person.

We look forward to see you all at the III ILACDS from October 4 to 6 th , 2021.

Dr a Eliane de Oliveira Ferreira
(Member of the Organizing Committee)









III International and Latin American Clostridioides difficile Symposium